About ThirdStar

We've been working with personal computers for nearly twenty years, and have been online, one way or another, since before the World Wide Web.

Since 1995, we've provided computer and Internet-related services to a wide range of clients, from home-based individuals to busy professional offices.  We've designed web sites for small businesses, professionals,Actual, unretouched photo of Conrad Tillman individuals, and (through our resellers) several county school boards.

We work as independent contractors, and our business relies upon establishing and maintaining ongoing, long-term relationships with our clients. 

My name is Conrad Tillman, chief technician, web site designer, and customer service rep here at ThirdStar.net.  It's not exactly a one man show, but the "we" is largely editorial.  We employ part-time assistants when they're needed, but for the most part I'm the one who does all the work, and I stand behind everything we do.

We prefer to work on an informal, friendly basis, going by the principles of good faith, courtesy, and common sense.  Whether you need computer services or web site design, you'll receive personal attention in each detail of your project.

We do what we say we'll do, and that's our guarantee.


Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is a simple one.  Any information you provide to us will be used solely as required to respond to your request for service or information.  We do not maintain a mailing list, have no intentions of doing so, and hate SPAM more than you do.

We collect no personally identifiable information without your knowledge or consent, and will never share information you provide with any third-party interest.

For the technically inclined, our use of transparent GIF files on this site is solely for purposes of formatting pages.  We do not use cookies, bugs, or any other types of tracking mechanisms.

Our server collects non-identifiable information in the form of pages viewed, date and time, browser type, and other standard server log info, which is used solely for web site analysis.

These policies apply to ThirdStar.net (and our associated site, BeelineDirect.com).  We may link to external sites, which are outside our control and whose privacy policies may be different from ours.

Terms of use

All contents copyright
2003 Conrad Tillman, all rights reserved. No content may be reproduced without express permission.  Trademarks, brand names, etc. are properties of their respective owners.  Webmasters are welcome to link to any portion of this site, including ThirdStar.net and BeelineDirect.com, provided pages are not framed or otherwise distorted.

We believe all information presented on this site to be correct at the time of publication.  It is your responsibility to determine how or whether it applies to your situation.  We disclaim all liability for any consequence which may arise from your use of this site, as well as any other site to which we may provide links.

Services provided by Conrad Tillman are subject to the terms established at the time service is provided.  Services provided by external sites are subject to terms established by the providers. We may derive some compensation from the operators of external sites.  Although we believe these sites to be legitimate, we make no guarantee with regard to their services or content.

Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Copyright 2003 Conrad Tillman.  All rights reserved.     

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